There are 3 Digambar Jain temples at Varanga: Matada Basadi,  Kere Basadi/Chaturmukha Basadi, Neminath Basadi/Hire Basadi. Nemianth Basdi/Hhire Basadi – this temple is spread over an area of 70 feet by 70 feet and is about 1000 years old. A bronze idols of 24 tirthanakaras in kayotsarga posture is in the Navaranga (Wide Hall). The idol […]


Main Deity – Stone idol of Bhagawan Ananthanatha in the kayotsarga posture. History – The Bhagawan Ananthanatha Swami temple at Akkirampura is said to have been constructed in the year A.D. 1651. We can find only six Jain families residing here. How to Reach – Akkirampura is situated in the Madhugiri taluk of Tumkur district. […]


Moodabidri (also Mudbidri), is occasionally referred to as the Jaina Kashi of South India. In all we can find 18 Jain temples at Moodabidri. With most of these temples being situated near the Jain Matha. This matha has Sri Charukeerthy Bhattarakha Swami as the chief pontiff.It has an information office for pilgrims and tourists, a […]


History – Mandya is called as the sugar city of Karnataka. It has very good transport facilities connecting the various parts of the state. The Jain temple here consists of the idol of Bhagwan Ananthanatha Swamy in the Kayotsarga posture. Along with the idol of Bhagwan Ananthanatha we can also find the idol of Godess […]


History – The temple of Bhagawan Ananathanatha is very ancient and was constructed around A.D. 1800. The 10 acres of land that is affiliated to the temple is a man source of income to this temple. How to Reach – Kadabur is situated in the Gowribidanua taluk of Kolardistrict and has got good bus facilities from […]

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